Fixed Wireless Broadband

The rollout of superfast broadband using fibre alone can be very difficult to achieve in more remote areas. In order to be less reliant on physical cable connections, the next stage of the programme is to build a brand new wireless infrastructure which eliminates the need for miles of cable to be laid to reach these rural locations.

In September 2020 the Combined Authority signed a third contract, as part of the SFWY&Y programme, with a new partner, Quickline. This is to bring superfast broadband to rural locations that are very costly to reach by FTTC or FTTP technologies. This project is scheduled to run until December 2022.

This is to be achieved by deploying new masts and transmitters that are specifically designed to connect customers to the internet via a ‘Fixed Wireless Access’ network. Many of these rural locations also struggle to get a decent internet connection so it is a great alternative to fill that gap in service and rebalance the disparity between urban and rural. Because of the fixed nature, this should not be confused with mobile broadband (ie 3G, 4G and 5G) which you would receive on a device with a SIM card, such as your phone.

The programme is being funded by private and public finance. £6.89m is being provided by DEFRA and £1.46m from the Supplier.  The Combined Authority will be working with Quickline to install new masts and transmitters around our region. Existing structures will also be utilised, where feasible, to minimise impact. This is a very exciting prospect for more remote areas as it helps to address some of the current inequalities that exist there. It should no longer be the case that residents and businesses in rural locations have to compromise between location and connectivity.

The network will be ‘open access’ meaning that a range of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can provide the broadband service to West Yorkshire residents.

To receive a broadband service from the ISP will require customer premises equipment (CPE) being installed at your property. Once this is set up, you will be able to access superfast speeds without any need to lay cables or undertake costly infrastructure works.

More information on Quickline can be found on their website.