A61 (North) Eastern Corridor

Project to improve bus prioritisation as well as walking and cycling measures along the A61 in Leeds.

This scheme consists of a series of improvements to bus prioritisation and complementary walking and cycling measures on the A61 in Leeds. This includes the extension of bus lanes, the allocation of road space to provide shared bus and cycle lines, as well as key junction improvements.

This project is funded by the Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme and will begin delivery at the end of 2020. The completed works will encourage increased bus use, cycling and walking. The project will support inclusive and clean growth through the reduction in private vehicle emissions and provide increased access to employment, education and training opportunities.

Project Lead Leeds City Council
District/ Area Leeds

LPTIP - £ 3.897million

Project Status

Activity 6 - Closure and Review

Start and end dates 2017- 2021
Delivery partners

BAM Nuttall and SISK

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