A660 Holt Lane

A junction improvement scheme at the intersection of Holt Lane and A660 Otley Road

This scheme will improve the intersection of Holt Lane / A660 Otley Road in Adel, north of Lawnswood roundabout.

The scheme, which has now been delivered, involved replacing the existing priority junction with a signalised junction incorporating adaptive signals to detect traffic. This will reduce delays for high frequency bus services that turn right out of Holt Lane onto the A660.

Installation of Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation (MOVA) within the signals enables priority to be given to buses on all approaches so that express services that pass through the junction on the A660 are not impact.

Project Lead Leeds City Council
District/ Area Leeds


Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme - £1,150,000

Project Status

Activity 6 - Closure and Review

Start and end dates 2017- 2022

Delivery partners

BAM Nuttall and SISK

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