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The Door-to-Door Community Transport Service will be a free to register (i.e. no membership fee) not for-profit service that matches people to suitable, safe, and affordable transport. This will be achieved by either, signposting people to existing providers that can meet their needs, such as the Access Bus; by connecting them with a volunteer travel companion, or by enabling them to book a journey with a participating community transport provider.

Through funding from the Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme, this project developed plans for a digital transport hub and call centre in Leeds, which would offer information and access to door to door transport.

The project undertook a research and development stage, with a manual pilot in the Beeston and Holbeck areas to gather further information. The project aimed to match existing spare vehicle or seat capacity from transport providers with currently unmet transport needs in the community. This would address isolation and exclusion through facilitating access to local door to door transport.

The project progressed to Outline Business Case but due to increasing project risks the pilot was closed and funding allocated to the scheme has now been redistributed back into the wider programme. The learning and research gathered to date may inform future related schemes or pilots, should alternative investment opportunities become available.

Project Lead Leeds City Council
District/ Area West Yorkshire 
Funding  Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme - £295,456

Project Status

Activity 6 - Closure and Review

Start and end dates 2019 - 2022
Delivery partners


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