Transport Hubs

A number of projects providing improvements to public transport hubs throughout Leeds.

Through the Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme improvements have been made to some public transport hubs, as well as the walking and cycling access to some other hubs, across Leeds. These projects either created new or upgraded existing facilities to improve both the waiting experience and the travel information offered at certain locations, as well as enhancing connections within and between other public transport hubs and communities by improving walking and cycling links.

The transport hubs have been delivered across a variety of locations throughout the Leeds district. These projects include improving bus stop locations with new lay-bys, improvements to footpaths to assist accessibility and the provision of new bus shelters with travel information at bus stops.

The projects included within the Transport Hubs scheme are listed below:

  • Bramley Bus Interchange
  • Compton Road Bus Improvements
  • Lincoln Green Walking and Cycling Links
  • Pudsey Walking and Cycling Links
  • Middleton Bus Stop Improvements
  • Cottingley Bus Stop Improvements
  • Rothwell and Robin Hood Walking & Cycling Links
  • Otley Bus Network Review: This is a development study only
Project Lead Leeds City Council
District/ Area Leeds




Phase 1: Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme - £3,670 million
Phase 2: Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme - £2,880,435
Project Status Activity 6 - Closure and Review
Start and end dates 2019-2022

Delivery partners

Leeds City Council 

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