Leeds Dawson's Corner

Dawson’s Corner is a key junction between Leeds (10km west) and Bradford (5km east) located on the Ring Road in Pudsey. There are currently no crossing facilities on Bradford Road. There are pedestrian and cycle crossings on all other arms

The proposals are to provide a fully remodelled and enlarged signalised junction, utilising third party land to the southwest of the existing junction.

It is anticipated the scheme will reduce congestion, leading to smoother flows and improved air quality. Enhanced landscaping. Cycle / pedestrian provision and bus route improvements will promote alternative mode of transport.

Project Lead Leeds City Council
District/ Area Leeds
Business case summary Link Here

West Yorkshire + Transport Fund - £15 million

LPTIP: £4 million

Project Status Activity 4: Full Business Case
Start and end dates Construction estimated to commence 2022/23 for completion in 2023/24
Delivery partners West Yorkshire Combined Authority
Other funders

LPTIP- £4 million

Other private sector funding- £1.05 million

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