Transformational Project Leeds Northern Outer Ring Road

This project will complete a feasibility study to identify improvements to transform the highway network to the West and North-West of Leeds. Proposals will look to unlock a major strategic highway bottleneck caused by limited orbital highway capacity.

Proposals will include the expansion and / or upgrade of the Leeds Northern Outer Ring Road between Dawsons Corner (A647) and Horsforth Roundabout (A65).

The provision of more orbital highway capacity in this section of Leeds complements Leeds’s aspirations to reduce the volume of traffic within its urban area. It would reroute essential highway movements out of the main built up areas, providing options for efficient, congestion free and legible orbital driving routes around the city, on roads that are designed for such purposes.


Project Lead

Leeds City Council

District/ Area


Business case summary

Link here


West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund- £0.492 million - pre-feasibility study only

Project Status

Activity 2: Case paper

Start and end dates

2019 - 2021 - pre-feasibility study only

Delivery partners

To be confirmed

Other funders

Leeds City Council- £0.100 million

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