Transformational Project South Featherstone

The Growth Deal approved West Yorkshire + Transport Fund Programme includes £12.5m allocated to the development of “transformational projects” for development work to influence government and other partners to justify future transformational investments such as rail electrification, airport access, rolling out of mass transit and preparing for HS2 and HS3.

Following on from an Investment Committee workshop on 8 March 2017, it was agreed that each individual Authority would bring forward their priority transformational scheme for development. Wakefield Council have selected South Featherstone Link Road as their priority scheme.

Funding for this scheme has been allocated for a pre-feasibility study to identify and evaluate options.

A strategic case is being investigated for a series of link roads around Featherstone, Ackworth and Pontefract. A strategic case report is anticipated to be prepared in the Autumn 2018, after which the next stages of the scheme will be considered.

Project Lead

Wakefield Council

District/ Area


Business case summary

Link here


West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund - £0.284 million

Project Status


Start and end dates

Strategic Case Development September 2017 to December 2018.

Construction Post 2022

Delivery partners

West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Other funders

To be confirmed

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