York Outer Ring Road Roundabout Improvements

The York Outer Ring Road (A1237) provides a dual function as a local distributor for trips to and from the city and as a key part of the strategic route for East–West journeys between the coast and ports (Scarborough/Hull), and the more Northern areas of the Leeds City Region (Harrogate/Craven).

The proposal is to upgrade seven roundabouts on the York Outer Ring Road between Wetherby Road and Monks Cross junctions. The blueprint for improving the capacity at all the roundabouts is based on providing three lane entries on the Ring Road approaches to the roundabout and two lane exits, which will provide an increase in the junction capacity (these proposals are similar to those recently implemented at the A1237/A59 and A1237/A19).

Increasing capacity at the roundabouts will have the largest impact on reducing journey times. Improving all seven roundabouts will ultimately reduce congestion, improve traffic flows and journey times on the outer ring road in the North of the city. This should also encourage traffic away from the city centre and onto the larger roads where traffic is more effectively managed.

As well as reducing delays, the improvements are necessary to accommodate predicted housing and employment growth projections in the New Local Plan. These improvements are also predicted to decrease the amount of traffic through the city centre, improving air quality and making public transport a more attractive form of travel.

Project Lead

York Council

District/ Area



Business case summary

Phase 1 Link here

Phase 2 Link here 

Phase 3 Link here 


West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund - £38 million

Phase 1- 3.6 million

Phase 2- 3.585 million

Phase 3- Total scheme cost £7.174 million

West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund- £2.174 million

Project Status

Phase 1 – Activity 6: Delivery

Phase 2- Activity 6: Delivery

Phase 3- Activity 5: Full Business Case with Finalised Costs 

Start and end dates

Construction commenced summer 2018 and is due to complete in 2021/22.

Delivery partners

To be confirmed

Other funders

York City Council

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City of York Council, Transport Office, West Offices, Station Rise, York, YO1 6GA

Email: yorr@york.gov.uk


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