Bus18 Initiative

West Yorkshire Combined Authority has worked with the Leeds City Region’s major bus companies Arriva, First, Transdev and the Association of Bus Operators in West Yorkshire to launch a new ambitious initiative, Bus18.

The Bus18 programme included a raft of pledges that will make bus travel better, with the ultimate aim of encouraging more people to use the bus.


The three main pledges were to:

  • make buses easy to use;
  • reduce emissions;
  • improve customer satisfaction and passenger experience.

Free Journey Guarantee 
Any passengers who are not happy with their bus journey can claim a free travel voucher from either; First, Arriva or Transdev.

Simply contact the appropriate operator, (see below) and they will arrange for a free journey voucher to be sent out, for use on a future date.

Free taxi if your last bus is late
Customers can call a taxi, save the receipt and claim the cost back from either First, Arriva or Transdev, if their last bus doesn’t arrive within 20 minutes of the scheduled time.

Links for contacting bus operators:

New alliance

January 2019's meeting of the Combined Authority's Transport Committee confirmed its backing for a new West Yorkshire Bus Alliance with bus companies including Arriva, First and Transdev, to build on the achievements of Bus18.

Quicker journeys, easy-to-understand and affordable fares for people of all ages more free Wi-Fi, better travel advice and journey planning and further progress towards carbon-free services are among the commitments bus operators and the Combined Authority will make to deliver for local people.

Find out more about the West Yorkshire Bus Alliance.