West Yorkshire 'Plus' Transport Fund

The West Yorkshire 'Plus' Transport Fund will underpin growth by improving the City Region's roads and railways, connecting people to jobs, and goods to markets.

Transport fund photo of vehicles and highwaysGood local and regional transport links underpin the development of business and the creation of new jobs. For this reason, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority will be using a planned £1bn West Yorkshire 'Plus' Transport Fund targeted at reducing congestion, improving the flow of freight and making it easier for people to commute to and from expected major growth areas.

Successful Transport Fund projects will reduce journey times, alleviate congestion and improve air quality. They will provide people living in more deprived areas with better access to jobs by car and by public transport.

In progress

 The Transport Fund is working in partnership with the officers in all of the West Yorkshire and  York districts to deliver a wide range of schemes:

  • New and expanded highways facilitating development, economic growth and jobs, especially in deprived areas.
  • Improved access corridors and junctions for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. 
  • Enhanced provision of parking at rail stations and greater investment in public transport infrastructure.