Business and skills

We work to represent the interests of the West Yorkshire and promote business growth and workforce skills.

Our Business and Skills Support represents the interests of West Yorkshire nationally and internationally.

We work with organisations across the public and private sectors to stimulate growth and build a strong, successful economy where everyone can build great businesses, careers and lives.

With an overall aim of transforming West Yorkshire's economy, we develops strategy and policy aimed at meeting both the current and the future needs of our region's economy. It focuses on the four key areas of supporting growing businesses, developing a skilled workforce, increasing energy efficiency and improving the region’s infrastructure.

Through the Growth Service, we help small businesses and private sector firms to grow by providing support and finance, workforce skills, creating international links and paving the way for innovation, enterprise and new business investment.

It works with employers and education providers to create more and better jobs, with a highly skilled workforce to sustain them.

We are developing innovative new energy infrastructure in the region and helping businesses and households to become more energy-efficient, saving them money and supporting economic growth.

In addition, we are building the modern infrastructure our region needs to develop and grow including transport, broadband and housing.

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Get in touch with our Business Support Service and we can help you find the right support for your business needs. You can call us on 0113 348 1818 or email us for more information.