Growing the economy

We have worked closely with our partners across the region to develop a strategic vision that promotes good growth, so that everyone can enjoy better opportunities and quality of life.

Enabling a strong and growing local economy is a vital part of delivering on our vision of transforming the Leeds City Region by unlocking its potential and developing a regional powerhouse that will create jobs and prosperity. 

To achieve this, West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (the LEP) have developed a Strategic Economic Plan that sets out our priorities for growth and development.  

We want to achieve both the right quantity and the right quality of growth; creating a strong, productive and resilient economy where a radical uplift in business competitiveness, productivity and profits goes hand in hand with access to good jobs that pay higher wages, and where all residents have access to opportunities and enjoy an improved quality of life.  

Find out more about the economic strategy and how we are delivering good growth for Leeds City Region.

In this section

  1. Economic strategy

    With our partner organisation, the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, we have created a long-term Strategic Economic Plan that we aim to deliver by 2036.

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  2. Inclusive growth

    Economic growth is vital to the success, well-being and future of the people, communities and businesses in our City Region and we want to build an inclusive economy that enables all people to contribute to and benefit from wealth creation, enjoy the benefits of a strong economy and enjoy a decent standard of living.

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  3. Growth deal

    In 2014, the LEP and the Government agreed our £1billion-plus Local Growth Deal, which will help transform the Leeds City Region economy, to allow us to make vital upgrades to transport, increase housing, revitalise our towns, invest in a skilled and flexible workforce, support the growth of businesses and build a resource-efficient City Region.

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  4. Growth Service

    The Growth Service brings together the public and private sector partners, led by the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (the LEP), to provide support and guidance for businesses.

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  5. Business and skills

    We work with the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership to represent the interests of the City Region and promote business growth and workforce skills.

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  6. Our partners

    The Combined Authority’s membership is made up of democratically elected councillors from our six West Yorkshire partner councils, the Chair of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (the LEP). We also work with five other nearby councils and districts that are known collectively as Leeds City Region.

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  7. Leeds City Region Infrastructure Map

    We've produced a free-to-access interactive map sharing all the information about the infrastructure of the Leeds City Region. It includes everything from boundaries, economic context and flood risk to utilities and waste.

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  1. Superfast West Yorkshire and York Broadband

    The Superfast West Yorkshire and York Broadband programme is delivered in partnership with Openreach and enables access to reliable, superfast broadband to thousands of homes and businesses across our region.

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