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The Mayor’s Safer Communities Fund allows voluntary, community groups, charities and partners to apply for funding.

The Mayor's Safer Communities Fund is currently closed for applications

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The Mayors Million Pound Safer Communities Fund - Special Grant Round 5 - Multiple and Complex Needs

The next round of the Mayors Safer Communities Fund opens on Monday 9 October and will focus on the theme of Multiple and Complex Needs, a priority within the current Police and Crime Plan. The fund will close midday on Friday 10 November.

Grant Round 5 seeks to support projects and interventions which reduce offending and re-victimisation, including addressing childhood vulnerability, poor mental health, and experience and/or recovery from drugs and alcohol substance misuse.

We encourage projects which use a trauma informed approach to support those vulnerable to criminal behaviour to reduce reoffending through improving skills, employment, and housing. We welcome early intervention projects which support diverting vulnerable children and young people from exploitation.

We want to work with all our partners to bring about generational change in diverting people away from a lifestyle of crime and the risk of criminality.

In addition, we also particularly welcome projects supporting women and girls and men and boys for the Pot 1 - £15,000 - £20,000 allocation. Please take a look at our Safety of Women and Girls Strategy and our Men and Boys Scoping Report.

Applicants have the opportunity to apply for one of the following available funding pots:

  • Pot 1. A special grant of £15,000 to £20,000 or less (from a £750,000 pot).
  • Pot 2. A grant of £8,000 or less (from a £250,000 pot)
  • Pot 3. Collaboration Pot

Please note that projects already supporting/delivering other priorities within the Police and Crime Plan will be considered for Pot 1- A special grant of £15,000 - £20,000 or Pot 3 the Collaboration Pot.

Please note that projects supporting other priorities within the Plan will still be considered.

POT 1 - The £15,000 to £20,000 will be subject to a specific grant agreement and will require the submission of a 6-month and 12-month monitoring and evaluation which will include a final case study at the end of the funding period. Please note 50% of the funding will be paid on award of the grant and 50% on receipt of the 6-month monitoring and evaluation.

POT 2 - Applicants applying for £8,000 or less will have the usual Terms and Conditions.

POT 3 – In line with our Commissioning Strategy we are also looking to create opportunities for providers to work and deliver services in collaboration, so we also have an amazing opportunity for more than one group to work together to apply for more than £20,000, for example two groups could apply for a maximum of £40,000. If you are interested in discussing this further, please book onto one of our upcoming engagement sessions or contact the team directly to discuss the application process and request the joint application form which will be shared on request.

To support applicants who may have questions about the next round, including the new Pot 1 and Pot 3 will be hosting a series of on-line information and Q&A sessions:

1400 -1500 - Wednesday 11 October
1800 -1900 - Thursday 19 October
1100 -1200 - Friday 27 October
0900 -1000 - Saturday 28 October

You can register to attend any of the above sessions or contact us at any time with queries by emailing


Mayor’s Safer Communities Fund - Grant Round 5

Total monies to allocate £1m
Bids open 9th October 2023
Bids close 10th November 2023 - 12pm noon
Funds awarded 7th February 2024
Application status Closed


Mayor’s Safer Communities Fund - Grant Round 6

Total monies to allocate £TBC
Bids open 13 May 2024
Bids close 14th June 2024 - 12pm noon
Funds awarded 11th September 2024
Application status Unopened


Mayor's Safer Communities Fund News

The Mayor’s fund is financed from monies recovered by West Yorkshire Police under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA). The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 lets the police and prosecutors confiscate or recover the proceeds of crime from criminals.