The Police and Crime Plan

The Plan's overall vision is a safe, just and inclusive West Yorkshire, underpinned by four priorities and three cross cutting themes.

West Yorkshire: Safe. Just. Inclusive.

Tracy Brabin

I see my Police and Crime Plan as a once in a generation opportunity to bring together partners and powers to create a ‘public health approach’ to policing and crime in West Yorkshire.

During my election campaign, in deciding priorities, I laid out ten manifesto commitments to the public, a number of which related to police and crime: keeping women and girls safe; increasing police officer and police staff numbers; putting victims first; and ensuring our police force represents the community it serves. But I also needed to know what the public thought, so with colleagues and my brilliant Deputy Mayor, Alison Lowe, we set about one of the widest consultations ever undertaken in the county.

I am pleased to be able to launch my Police and Crime Plan with an overall vision of a safe, just and inclusive West Yorkshire, underpinned by four priorities and three cross cutting themes. You can find out more and read the Plan below.

Tracy Brabin
Mayor of West Yorkshire


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Alison LoweThe success of this plan centres on working together. It will aim to strengthen partnership working across the different sectors through action, services, research, and a creative approach that will change and transform the culture, how people feel, and tackle inequality within the system across West Yorkshire.

Both Tracy and I are committed to leading change, trying new ways of working, and thinking outside the box, and I feel this plan embodies this approach and sets a clear, bold direction for a West Yorkshire that is safe, just and inclusive.

Alison Lowe
Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime


Vision - West Yorkshire: Safe. Just. Inclusive.

A clear vision for policing and community safety is an important statement in capturing what we are striving towards in West Yorkshire. It is there to bring a focus to our work, and clearly set out our ambitions to communities. We are working with our partners and stakeholders to shape this vision to ensure it reflects the engagement, knowledge and expertise of all organisations who work in the community safety field. We will continue to work alongside those with lived experience, and who have been harmed by crime, to inform and develop services for West Yorkshire. The three words of our vision safe, just, inclusive exemplify our clear long-term ambition for West Yorkshire.


Priority IconsPriorities

The four priorities have been chosen after extensive consultation with the public and partner organisations and analysis of risk and community safety need across West Yorkshire. The delivery of these priorities will be the Mayor’s focus over the next three years. The priorities are:

  • Supporting Victims and Witnesses and Improving Criminal Justice Outcomes
  • Keeping People Safe and Building Resilience
  • Safer Places and Thriving Communities
  • Responding to Multiple and Complex Needs

Cross Cutting Themes IconsCross Cutting themes

Three topics cut across everything we hope to achieve under this plan, and will influence our work in partnership, delivery, and commissioning. They reflect our ambition to create a safe, just, and inclusive West Yorkshire. The cross cutting themes are:

  • The Safety of Women and Girls
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Early Intervention and Prevention


Supporting Documents and Information

The Voice of West Yorkshire (PDF 970KB)
The Voice of West Yorkshire highlights and summary from the #Tell Tracy consultation on Policing, crime and community safety priorities within West Yorkshire covering our engagement and consultation from 1 September to 30 November 2021.

Summary Needs Assessment (PDF 434KB)
The Summary Needs Assessment analyses the current risk and community safety need across West Yorkshire. The findings from this report helped shape the priorities and cross cutting themes in the Police and Crime plan. Unless stated otherwise all data is for the rolling 12 months to June 2021.

National crime and policing outcomes and measures (PDF 10KB)
The Home Office has developed six National Crime and Policing Outcomes and accompanying measures to help focus effort on key national priorities and measure performance. We are requirement to report on these measures as to how the Police and Crime Plan will contribute to them.

Frequently Asked Questions
A list of frequently asked questions and answers on the Police and Crime Plan.



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