Economy projects

Find details of the economy projects that we are responsible for delivering to improve the lives of those living in West Yorkshire.


  1. Growing business

    The West Yorkshire Combined Authority enables businesses in West Yorkshire to grow, creating jobs for local people, encouraging businesses to locate here and helping our economy to thrive.

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  2. Skilled people, better jobs

    We live in a global economy in which we have to compete with others for jobs in a rapidly changing world. We recognise that there is a skills gap in our region and we want to address that gap and provide people with the tools to improve their employability, access jobs and realise their potential.

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  3. Clean energy and Environmental Resilience

    To ensure long term economic resilience and success, West Yorkshire needs to plan for and manage future climate change impacts. Green Infrastructure can assist with this and help to attract and retain investment, skilled people and tourism.

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  4. Housing and Regeneration

    There are exciting schemes and projects across the Leeds City Region as a result of funding secured through the Leeds City Region Growth Deal, agreed between the government and the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) in July 2014.

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  5. Flood alleviation

    West Yorkshire Combined Authority is investing £20 million from the Leeds City Region Growth Deal to improve flood protection for thousands of homes and businesses.

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  6. Enterprise zones

    The Enterprise Zones programme consists of 10 sites across West Yorkshire. With a contribution of £45million Growth Deal funding, the sites are able to be built on to provide high standard premises for expanding businesses or businesses new to the West Yorkshire.

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  7. Superfast West Yorkshire and York Broadband

    The Superfast West Yorkshire and York Broadband programme concluded in June 2023 and was delivered over the course of three contracts to ensure increased access to reliable broadband. This has provided ‘superfast’ speeds for thousands of homes and businesses across our region.

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  8. Getting Building Fund

    In September 2020, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority was allocated £52.6 million from the Governments Getting Building Fund investment programme to accelerate local, shovel-ready infrastructure projects to stimulate jobs and support economic recovery across the Leeds City Region.

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