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West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Partnership

The West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Partnership brings together organisations across local communities to tackle the underlying causes that contribute to serious violent crime.

Using a public health approach, the VRP considers how the causes of violence can be addressed. Public health approaches start from the principle that prevention is better than cure.

The progress of the unit has seen the development of a long-term strategy to tackle serious violence and is continuing its proactive work across the county.

During 2022/23 the VRP delivered an intervention portfolio worth over £3.3m, worked with 46 organisations supporting around 900 young people aged over 25 years and over 14,000 young people under 25 years. 

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  1. Our Latest Work

    To ensure relevant services work together to share information and allow them to target their interventions, where possible through existing partnership structures, collaborate and plan to prevent and reduce serious violence within their local communities.

    Find out more about our ongoing work.

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  2. Needs Assessment and Response Strategy

    The Needs Assessment for the West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP) provides an evidence-based public health assessment of serious violence in the county.

    It does this by identifying, defining and analysing the underlying drivers of violence particular to the region.

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  3. Research

    The partnership funds local programmes, projects and interventions, undertaking work with children and young people, as well as conducting ground-breaking research. Whilst key findings will be drawn into the latest version of our Needs Assessment, the full reports are published annually.

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  4. Toolkits

    The Violence Reduction Partnership has developed resources to help in the ongoing work to tackle serious violence.

    You can receive support for your organisation from the available toolkits below.

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  5. Evaluation

    We evaluate our violence reduction projects through a combination of in-house monitoring that utilises the expertise we have within the VRP, and commissioned external partners to offer us an independent, unbiased and holistic view of our progress.

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  6. Annual Report Summary

    The Annual Report Summary provides an overview of the continued development of the VRP, delivering the resources and interventions required to help prevent and reduce the impact of serious violence across our county.

    Read our Annual Report Summary
  7. Our Partners

    Launched in early 2020, the VRP has a partnership emphasis, working closely alongside specialists from health, police, local authorities, education, youth justice, prisons, probation, community groups and others. You can view our most recent partnerships.

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Youth Commission

The West Yorkshire Youth Commission is a peer-led project that enables young people to get involved and have their say about urgent issues that affect their lives and help build a safer community.

The West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP) has partnered with Leaders Unlocked to help shape approaches to youth-led initiatives particularly in response to violent crime & exploitation.

The group will welcome its first nineteen members following an application launch in February 2023.


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Community Advisory Group

Based on the Ambitions highlighted in recently published Needs Assessment and Response Strategy, we would be keen to invite volunteers to join us from all districts across West Yorkshire to represent their locality in a community advisory group.


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