Mayoral Pledges

My pledges are rooted in the region and have been made with you in mind. I know that I can use the opportunities the West Yorkshire Mayor has to make our communities the best to grow up in, and the best to grow old in.

10 pledges to West Yorkshire

  • Create 1,000 well paid, skilled jobs for young people.
  • Prioritise skills and training to ensure everyone in West Yorkshire has the skills they need to secure work.
  • Support local businesses and be a champion for our regional economy.
  • Lead a Creative New Deal to ensure our creative industries are part of the broader recovery strategy.  
  • Appoint an Inclusivity Champion to work to ensure that the region’s recovery benefits us all. 
  • Recruit 750 more frontline police officers and staff to fight crime.
  • Put keeping women and girls safe at the heart of my policing plan.
  • Bring buses back under public control, introduce simpler fares, contactless ticketing and greener buses.
  • Build 5000 sustainable homes including council houses and affordable homes
  • Tackle the climate emergency and protect our environment.
  1. Manufacturing Task Force

    West Yorkshire’s first-ever Manufacturing Task Force brings together representatives from manufacturing companies and alliances to assess the manufacturing landscape and identify opportunities to support the continued growth of the sector.

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  2. Fair Work Charter

    The Fair Work Charter for West Yorkshire is a joint venture between the Mayor, partners, key stakeholders and businesses to develop a way of setting a clear and ambitious standard for fair work in our region.

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  3. 1000 Green Jobs in West Yorkshire

    Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire, is looking for businesses to pledge their support to offer young people training and opportunities to create 1,000 skilled, well paid, green jobs for young people and make our region net zero by 2038. Register your details below.

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