West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter

Whatever type or size of organisation you work in, the West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter will help you develop your people, boost performance and productivity, in a few simple steps.

Better business, step by step.

The West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter is an ambitious new initiative to support and celebrate the great employers across our region.

It has been designed for employers of all sizes and across all sectors, to promote and recognise the positive impact of fair work on businesses and their people.

Fair work can include good pay, fair and flexible working conditions, as well as greater wellbeing, diversity, and social mobility within the workplace. It’s about helping you turn your good business into a great one.

We don’t expect you to tick every box. But whether you’re taking a first step, or you’re already some way along the journey, you can be part of the West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter.


Small steps, big impact.

The West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter is about progress, not perfection. You’ll be recognised for taking concrete, recognised actions and supporting your workers in five areas:


Taking steps to ensure that routes into employment and career progression are inclusive, organisations use the best recruitment practices, and all people have access to flexible working arrangements.


Work helps all people to live healthy and happy lives, while contributing to the increased productivity of their employer, where employers foster good physical and mental health and support wider aspects of wellbeing.

Employee Voice

All workers are empowered to contribute towards the success of their employer through positive relationships and effective communication, and trade unions are recognised and supported.


Work provides all people with the opportunity to learn, develop and meaningfully connect to a purpose that resonates with them.


Employers go beyond their minimum legal obligation, paying staff at least the Real Living Wage, and maintain working conditions that provide security and dignity to all workers.

How it works

The West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter is an invitation to all to employers to take steps to build a positive working environment.

Once you have registered your interest in being part of the West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter, we’ll be in touch.

You’ll receive a short self-assessment questionnaire to help you understand and demonstrate what you’re already doing to support and promote fair work in your organisation.

This is split across the five themes of opportunity, security, wellbeing, employee voice, and fulfilment.

After you’ve returned the form, we’ll check your eligibility and offer support or advice if there are additional steps you could take.

Once you’re certified as a member of the West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter, we’ll give you ongoing support to further develop and embed fair work across your organisation.

You’ll also be part of a growing peer network of employers across West Yorkshire who are committed to fair work and joining us on this journey.