The devolution deal

The deal sets out the new powers, funding and responsibilities which will be transferred from central Government to West Yorkshire. Read the full details.

On 11 March 2020 West Yorkshire leaders and Government signed a devolution deal for West Yorkshire.  

The deal sets out the new powers, funding and responsibilities which will be transferred from central Government to West Yorkshire. It enables the five councils and the Mayoral Combined Authority to take more decisions on the issues that affect local communities including transport, adult education, skills and jobs, infrastructure, housing and regeneration, and the region’s economic recovery. 

The proposals within the deal were used to inform an eight-week public consultation carried out by the West Yorkshire councils and the Combined Authority over the summer 2020 — the largest ever public consultation on English regional devolution with over 4,400 responses. Most of the people who participated were supportive of the proposals.

The devolution deal is crucial for us to fully realise our vision for West Yorkshire and meet our regional challenges. Without a deal we would have less influence with government, less money, and less power to make decisions that affect our region. 

The deal will give the Combined Authority and Mayor new powers and funding including: 

  • Control of £38 million per year allocation of gainshare investment funding over 30 years, to drive growth and take forward our priorities 
  • Design of a five-year integrated transport settlement starting in 2022/23, and agreement to explore West Yorkshire Mass Transit 
  • New powers on transport, including easier access to bus franchising and a regional approach to control of a Key Route Network 
  • Devolution of Adult Education powers and the Adult Education Budget to shape local skills provision to respond to local needs 
  • £25 million Heritage Fund to support the establishment of a potential ‘British Library North’
  • New planning powers to support zero carbon initiatives
  • £3.2 million to support development of a pipeline of housing sites across West Yorkshire 
  • Transport infrastructure development and funding for the Bradford Station Masterplan and the Outline Business Case for Leeds Station redevelopment 
  • Ongoing partnership with the Environment Agency on identifying and addressing flood risk management requirements with £101 million allocated for West Yorkshire flood risk management schemes 
  • £200,000 for the Yorkshire Leaders Board 
  • £75,000 West Yorkshire Local Digital Skills Partnership 
  • Piloting the new National Green Infrastructure Standards with Natural England and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
  • Transfer of Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) functions to the new Mayor in 2021 
  • Commitment to working in partnership to explore an Act Early Health Institute 
  • Strengthened collaboration and partnership with Government.

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