Social Value Guide

Find out more about Social Value at the Combined Authority.

Social Value Guide

Social Value is an umbrella term for the broader economic, social and environmental effects of any businesses’ actions.  They represent the conscious efforts made by organisations to affect positive change. These actions and changes contribute to the long-term wellbeing and resilience of individuals, communities, and society in general.

We aim to deliver meaningful social value through our project design, our procurements and through the management of our ongoing contracts to support equality, to further inclusion, and to safeguard the environment and communities in which we live.

The Combined Authority expects our suppliers and providers to support our aims and objectives, be supportive of the mayoral pledges and commitments to improving the communities we live in. We expect our contracted partners to work to ensure they embody best practice through reducing gender pay inequalities, through fair employment practices and in the adoption of sustainable, ethically sourced products, goods and services and in supporting their suppliers to do the same.

The Social Value Portal is used to monitor and manage commitments made during procurement activities and bidders would need to register for the platform as part of their tender responses. This is a similar approach to many of the CA’s local authority partners.