Social Value Guide

Find out more about Social Value at the Combined Authority.

Making a Positive Impact: Social Value 

Social Value goes beyond just the money a business makes. It considers how a company's actions affect people, the environment, and society as a whole. Businesses that focus on Social Value try to make positive changes in these areas. 

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority is committed to Social Value. We aim to achieve this through

  • Project Design: Considering Social Value from the beginning of any project. 
  • Procurement: Choosing suppliers who share our values. 
  • Contract Management: Encouraging our suppliers to act responsibly. 


We expect our suppliers to: 

  • Promote equality and inclusion. 
  • Protect the environment. 
  • Uphold fair employment practices (like equal pay for men and women). 
  • Use sustainable and ethical products and services. 
  • Encourage their own suppliers to do the same. 


How to Get Involved: 

The Social Value Portal helps us track these commitments. Bidders (companies applying for contracts) will need to register on the portal as part of the application process. 


The Social Value Portal will offer: 

  • Bi-weekly sessions for suppliers (companies that provide goods and services). 
  • Monthly sessions for bidders. 

These sessions will explain Social Value expectations in more detail. 


More information and registration links 

To book onto a Webinar session, click on the respective link below 

Social Value for Bidders Webinar         Social Value for Suppliers Webinar 

If you have any questions, you can also contact the Social Value Portal directly.