Candidates for West Yorkshire Mayor announced

The Candidates in the race to become the Mayor of West Yorkshire have been announced, as the deadline approaches for residents to register to vote in next month’s mayoral election.

The candidates standing in the election (in alphabetical order) on May 2 are:

Tracy Brabin (Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate)

Dr Bob Buxton (Yorkshire Party Candidate)

Andrew Cooper (Green Party Candidate)

Arnold Craven (Conservative Party Candidate)

Stewart Golton (Liberal Democrats Candidate)

Jonathan Tilt (Independent Candidate)

People living in West Yorkshire have until midnight on Tuesday 16 April to register to vote and have their say on who will run the region alongside their local authority partners.

It takes just five minutes to apply online at

Every registered voter in West Yorkshire will receive an election booklet in the post from 15 April.

This booklet will explain more about the election and will include an election address prepared by each of the candidates.

It can also be found here: Election Booklet