Mayor responds to Covid-19 changes

Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire, responds to the changes to Covid restrictions announced by government.

22 February 2022

Responding to the changing COVID guidance, Mayor of West Yorkshire, Tracy Brabin, said:

“With the possibility of new, infectious variants appearing, many vulnerable people in our communities and the risks of long-Covid, now is not the right time to scrap free testing and self-isolation - and the £500 payment to support this.

“The health leaders in our region are also telling us they don’t believe it’s the right time to do this. And much of the public agree. A recent YouGov poll highlighted only 1 in 5 people support the scrapping of self-isolation.

“People in West Yorkshire have suffered more than most during this pandemic, so it’s absolutely vital we make the right decision. So many people have made so many sacrifices and missed-out on being with their loved ones at the end of their lives and for important moments.

“Also, scrapping self-isolation could force people into making a choice between going into work with Covid or risking losing income by staying at home. This is not the way forward.

“We should also recognise that the NHS has done a fantastic job in terms of getting people vaccinated and boosted and I would urge anyone who has not yet had a jab to please do so. It could save your life."