Misogyny targeted ahead of Hate Crime Awareness Week

7th October 2021

Tracy Brabin, the Mayor of West Yorkshire and Alison Lowe, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime are throwing their support behind Hate Crime Awareness Week (9th October – 16th October).

Tracy said: “To suffer harassment, abuse or violence because of who you are is a hate crime.

“Hate crime continues to be an issue, locally and nationally across disability, race, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation. It is unacceptable and we must do everything in our power to eradicate it.

“I am working with the police, local authorities and partners across West Yorkshire to target perpetrators and support victims, both in reporting offences and receiving care that is right for them.

“Sadly, it was no surprise in my recent call for evidence on safety for women and girls that many of those that responded had experienced harm, because they were female.

“Alison and I are determined to get misogyny recognised and recorded as a hate crime and are making representations nationally to the government. The more information we have on this subject the more we can do to turn the tide.

“Women and girls should be able to walk home at night without anxiety about their safety, women and girls should be able to enjoy a night out without being harassed, women and girls in college and schools should feel safe – and they will, I will continue to use my position locally, and nationally to do all I can to make tomorrow a better day for women and girls everywhere.”

Alison said: “As a black woman growing up in West Yorkshire, I have seen and personally experienced how black people have been abused and excluded over the generations.

“More needs to be done and Hate Crime Awareness Week helps us to continue that conversation and focus efforts.

“Inclusivity, diversity and equality, these are principles I live by, I carry them with me in everything I do and I know Tracy is the same. We are all equal, we should all have the same opportunities and rights, and the right not to be treated differently because of who you are.

“Reporting hate crime is crucial and you can do so to West Yorkshire Police in a number of different ways, but if you would rather not speak to a Police Officer, you can use one of the independent Hate Incident Reporting Centres provided by Local Authorities across West Yorkshire, speak to Victim Support or even download the free Stop Hate UK reporting app on your smartphone”

Tracy, added: “I am currently running a consultation to inform my first Police and Crime Plan for West Yorkshire, in which tackling hate crime will absolutely be included, and I would encourage everyone to get involved and tell me your experiences, visit https://www.yourvoice.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/police-and-crime-plan-consultation.”