Placing faith in our partnership to combat serious violence

Faith communities across West Yorkshire are coming together in the battle against serious violence.

22 February 2024

Faith communities across West Yorkshire are coming together in the battle against serious violence.

On Monday 26th February, a multi-faith event is taking place in Bradford, led by the West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP). It sees over 100 representatives from the county’s diverse network of faith organisations collaborating to develop a co-ordinated response to serious violence.

VRP Director, Det Ch Supt Lee Berry said there is a great potential to make a difference:

“Faith leaders are uniquely placed to help influence young people on issues of community safety and serious violence.

“By holding this multi-faith event, we hope to strengthen our partnerships, delivering consistent and co-ordinated messages that will help change lives.

“It is important that we collectively have these conversations, recognising what more can be done to support those at risk of harm.”

West Yorkshire’s Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Alison Lowe OBE is also a national Policing lead for Race Disparities Equality & Human Rights. She said:

“Faith is an essential vehicle for encouraging change, promoting safety, and delivering the support which our communities need.

“I hope this event will be a catalyst for uncovering new opportunities and solutions to serious violence.

“Inclusion also sits at the heart of the Mayor’s Police and Crime Plan, and we know just what an asset it can be, if we harness its power.”

West Yorkshire Inclusivity Champion, Fatima Khan-Shah is speaking at the event and added:

“The connection between faith and community is deeply embedded, which provides numerous opportunities for local engagement.

“I have seen many great examples in West Yorkshire of where faith leaders and organisations have played a critical role in supporting young people.

“By tapping into this strength and using it to confront serious violence together, we can ensure our communities remain safe, just and inclusive.”


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