What will the Mayor do?

The Mayor will have a number of specific powers. Find out what they are and how they fit with partner councils and the LEP (Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership).

The Mayor of West Yorkshire will be a figurehead for the region, working with the Mayoral Combined Authority, council leaders, business representatives and partners to prioritise issues that really matter to people and communities in the region. 

Having a Mayor will bring the region greater influence within Government at national level, including on economic recovery, the power to shape Government policy and access further funding. 

The Mayor will have a demanding and wide-ranging role representing a population of over 2.5 million residents of West Yorkshire. The Mayor will support the objectives of the Combined Authority to deliver regeneration and economic development, and co-ordination of long-term transformational programmes, and budget responsibility.

The Mayor will be responsible for specific functions of the Combined Authority that are ‘Mayoral Functions’ and functions of the Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayoral Functions are: transport-related functions, housing and planning functions, and finance powers.

The Mayor will also have the ability to bring together partners across the region to drive clean and inclusive growth to ensure investments are prioritised in a way that makes a real difference to the people of West Yorkshire.  

They will take the functions of the Police and Crime Commissioner, supported by an appointed Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime. The Mayor will also be a member of the LEP board.   

The Mayor will be a member of the Mayoral Combined Authority and will chair its meetings. The other members will continue to be:   

  • an appointed representative from each of the constituent councils of the West Yorkshire region (likely to be the leaders of each council)  
  • one member from the LEP board  
  • one member from York City Council as a non-constituent council  
  • three additional elected members for political balance jointly appointed by the Constituent Councils.

You can find out more about the role of the Mayor of West Yorkshire here

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