Tackling the climate emergency

The Combined Authority is working with its partners to ensure the Leeds City Region is a net zero carbon economy by 2038 at the latest.

Tackling the Climate Emergency  

We’re working towards a net zero carbon Leeds City Region by 2038

The Combined Authority and the LEP are working alongside wide range of partners to ensure the Leeds City Region is a net zero carbon economy by 2038 at the latest, with significant progress by 2030. 

This bold ambition builds on years of work between City Region partners to reduce carbon emissions and the opportunities presented by the unique assets our region has in the form of low carbon energy generation.  

To meet our target and to comply with the Paris Agreement, emissions must be reduced by 14.5% year-on-year with output levels being halved every five years.  

Meeting this challenge will require urgent and collaborative action across all sectors of our economyHowever, it will also empower our region to build a modern, sustainable economy supported by an efficient transport network and world class infrastructureIt will allow us to embrace new technologies such as hydrogen power, improve the energy efficiency of our homes and other buildings, and upskill our people so they can take excel in the careers of the future 

  1. How the Combined Authority is lowering its own emissions

    The Combined Authority, working in partnership with the LEP, is leading the way in cutting its own carbon footprint in response to the climate emergency. We have created a set of seven principles that the organisation and its staff will follow.

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Decarbonising our region

The Combined Authority and the LEP are working with their partners to dramatically reduce carbon emissions across our economy, to ensure we reach our ambition of being net zero carbon by 2038 at the latest. The Emissions Reduction Pathways report explores what changes are needed across different sectors of our economy.

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