Devolution - One Yorkshire Leaders co-chairs' statement

13 February 2019

Statement on devolution from Cllr Judith Blake and Cllr Carl Les, co-chairs of One Yorkshire Leaders

"Yorkshire's pursuit of a devolution deal with the Government is based on a simple idea - that by taking more of the big decisions that affect this region here, we can make life for our communities better, and do it faster.

"The One Yorkshire proposal is an opportunity to add £30bn a year to the economy of the region and the country, that's £5,400 per person in Yorkshire, by taking more control over decision-making at a regional level through the creation of a Yorkshire mayor. It's a plan with the cross-party support of 18 authorities, the Sheffield City Region mayor, business and trade unions.

"We are hugely disappointed that presented with this exciting opportunity, the Government has decided it is not ready to work with us to deliver it.

"One Yorkshire is the substantive deliverable proposal for devolution to Yorkshire, ensuring this region has access to the same powers and funding streams open to other areas such as Greater Manchester and the West Midlands.

"The people of Yorkshire are no less deserving than those elsewhere in the country already benefitting from devolution deals. And it makes no sense for the Government, and the country, to be holding back a region of five million people, with a £112bn economy, when we could be making an even bigger contribution.

"Having rejected previous devolution submissions, Yorkshire was told by Government to come up with proposals which enjoy widespread support. We did. And now the Government has said no to those too. The onus is now on the Government to explain what it will say yes to.

"We are convinced that the One Yorkshire proposals are the best way to secure and maximise the benefits of devolution for all our communities and are urgently seeking a meeting with the Secretary of State to find a way forward."