LEP & NP11 Chair responds to IPPR North 'State of the North 2019' report

“IPPR North is right to highlight the grave inequalities," says Roger Marsh OBE DL

27 November 2019

Roger Marsh OBE DL, Chair of the NP11 Board and Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership has responded to IPPR North State of the North 2019 report which says the UK is more regionally divided than any comparable advanced economy and finds stark regional differences in productivity, income, unemployment, health and politics.

He said: “IPPR North is right to highlight the grave inequalities which hold back so many areas across the UK. Empowering more regions outside of London to collaborate with pounds and powers through devolution - rather than the current system which encourages competing for resources from the centre - is the most effective way to unleash our collective potential and reduce these stark divisions.

“The Manifesto for the North, produced by NP11 and Convention for the North, has set out a roadmap for how this devolution, aligned with investment in transport and skills, will help to address inter-regional inequalities, rebalance the UK economy, and place the North at the front and centre of tackling the climate emergency.”

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