People asked for their views on Leeds transport hubs and walking & cycling schemes

Feedback wanted on plans for new transport hubs, at Bramley bus interchange and on Compton Road in Harehills, and new cycling and walking links in Pudsey

16 September 2019

This autumn, people are being asked to provide feedback on six Leeds transport schemes, which are part of the £270 million Connecting Leeds programme.

From today (Monday 16 September), people will be able to provide feedback on plans for new transport hubs, at Bramley bus interchange and on Compton Road in Harehills, and new cycling and walking links in Pudsey.

Transport hubs

New transport hubs at Bramley bus interchange and bus stop improvements at Compton Road in Harehills will mean new or upgraded facilities that improve the waiting environment and travel information available for bus users.

The Pudsey Walking and Cycling Links scheme will improve access from residential areas of Pudsey and the town centre to the railway station for people who cycle and walk.

Drop-in sessions

From Monday 16 September, people wanting to find out more about these schemes and comment on them will be able to do so at Additionally, there will be a number of drop-in session where people can see the plans, ask any questions and provide feedback.

People can come to the Compton Centre on Harehills Lane on Tuesday 1October between 3.30pm and 6.30pm for a drop-in session to find out more about the plans to improve the waiting facilities and travel information at bus stops on Compton Road and the local walking environment.

There are sessions from 10am-1pm at Pudsey Library on Wednesday 25 September and between and 3.30pm-6.30pm at New Pudsey rail station on Wednesday 2 October for people interested in the Pudsey Walking and Cycling Links.


Cllr Kim Groves, Chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee said: “The £270 million Connecting Leeds programme is a combination of major schemes such as the redevelopment of The Headrow, new park and ride facilities and new rail stations and smaller scale projects such as these.

“However they are all designed to improve transport across the city and beyond and these schemes will help to increase public transport use through better interchanges, provide attractive and safe routes for people who walk and cycle and as a result, have a positive effect on air quality and the environment.

“I would everyone to get involved and have their say about their city.”

Sustainable travel

Cllr Lisa Mulherin, Leeds City Council’s Executive board member for climate change, transport and sustainable development said:
“These schemes will help make it easier for people to get out of their car and use more sustainable travel, be that by cycling, walking or getting the bus. With the Climate Emergency, it’s important that we invest in projects like this so we can help connect people to jobs, leisure and other services in a way that supports our ambitions.

“Developing better public transport, cycling and walking routes are an essential part of our Connecting Leeds strategy. This is key to our aims of improving travel options and reducing carbon emissions for the people of Leeds.”

Later in the autumn, people will have the chance to see Connecting Leeds plans for a transport hub at Middleton Circus Bus Interchange and walking and cycling schemes planned for Lincoln Green and Rothwell, and provide feedback.

Connecting Leeds is Leeds City Council’s long-term transport strategy for Leeds, which aims to improve all aspects of transport and travel in the city and connect people to the wider Leeds City Region. Connecting Leeds will see unprecedented £270 million invested in the city’s transport network.

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