Yorkshire Leaders Board Statement

11 January 2019

The Yorkshire Leaders Board met today where Yorkshire leaders discussed many issues including Brexit, local government funding, strategic transport and devolution.

In a joint statement, they said: "In meetings before Christmas we made clear to the Northern Powerhouse Minister that we were, and indeed remain, clear in our unshakable commitment to the One Yorkshire proposals that could add £30bn a year to the regional economy - delivering for the people of our region on housing, skills and jobs."

"The Minister reassured us that the detailed proposals we submitted to Government in October were being considered seriously. We now need to see their formal response and for negotiations to start urgently on this basis."

"Whatever the outcome of the Westminster Brexit debate, the Government should recognise the significant and timely opportunity One Yorkshire represents to the people of the region, to the Northern Powerhouse and the UK and work with us to swiftly agree a roadmap towards its delivery."