Bus station bands banishing Monday blues in Huddersfield

Upbeat sounds from various bands between 7.30 and 10.30 on Monday mornings throughout January

13 January 2020

Keen to help customers overcome the New Year back-to-work blues, West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Huddersfield BID have organised for a bands to play at the bus station on Monday mornings throughout January.

Bus station users are able to enjoy the upbeat sounds from various bands between 7.30 and 10.30 on Monday mornings throughout this month.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority manages most of the county’s bus stations including Bradford Interchange, Castleford and Leeds bus stations as well as Huddersfield. It also maintains the county's 14,000 stops, shelters and timetable displays.

Huddersfield Bus Station details.


Cllr Manisha Kaushik, Deputy Chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee said: “This is a great idea by Huddersfield BID to brighten up what can be gloomy winter Monday mornings for Huddersfield commuters so when BID manager Matthew Chapman approached us with the idea, we were more than happy to say yes.

“With over 30,000 users on weekdays Huddersfield is our busiest Metro bus station in West Yorkshire so what better place to jazz up the start of the week with a brass band?”

Huddersfield BID, the Business Improvement District, aims to make the town into an accessible, safe and vibrant destination that celebrates its culture and heritage. The organisation is also funding Monday morning brass sessions at Huddersfield rail station. 


Huddersfield BID Manager Matthew Chapman said: “The Monday Blues is an upbeat, vibrant welcome to Huddersfield town centre every January Monday morning to blow away those blue views!

“With quirky music been performed in various locations for visitors, commuters and residents alike it is just of the many initiatives Huddersfield BID is planning over the next five years to improve people’s perceptions of the town.”

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