Annual Report

Policing and Crime Annual Report 2020/21

I am pleased to share with you the Mayoral Combined Authority Policing and Crime Annual Report 20/21. This is the first annual report released through my office since I was elected as the Mayor of West Yorkshire in May and took over responsibility for Police and Crime Commissioner functions.

Download the Annual Report 20/21 (PDF 4.53MB)

The report covers the period April 2020 up to the mayoral elections in May 2021, and summarises some of the great work carried out by the former Police and Crime Commissioner and the Office of the PCC, our partners in West Yorkshire Police and across the region, to tackle crime, safeguard the vulnerable, and support victims in our districts.

Key achievements from the past year include helping our funded services to continue supporting their clients during Covid, providing grants through the Safer Communities Fund to help small-scale organisations to support their communities, developing projects which match the objectives of our Victims and Witnesses’ and Reducing Reoffending strategies, and continuing to build on the trailblazing work of the West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit.

Perhaps most importantly, this report highlights that despite the major challenge which the pandemic placed before us all, we have come together to deliver services to the vulnerable, support victims, tackle and prevent crime, and reassure and inform communities.

The financial year 2021/22 coincides with my first year as Mayor, within which I will launch a new Police and Crime Plan for West Yorkshire.

I look forward to working with the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Alison Lowe, the diverse communities of West Yorkshire, West Yorkshire Police, and our wider partners to deliver on our shared ambitions.

Tracy Brabin
Mayor of West Yorkshire

Annual Report front cover