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Tackling domestic abuse and sexual violence is a priority for the Mayor of West Yorkshire and our communities.

CARA is delivered by Restorative Solutions in partnership with the Hamptons Trust. It is a West Yorkshire wide service with a focus on first time/standard perpetrators of domestic abuse who receive a conditional caution.

CARA is a criminal justice response to victims of domestic abuse by enhanced risk management and holding standard risk offenders to account for their actions. The service builds on the successes of similar CARA sites elsewhere in the country and the Restorative Justice Service for victims of crime in West Yorkshire, which Restorative Solutions have been delivering since 2018.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is CARA?

CARA (Cautions and Relationship Abuse) is a proven and recognised model of interventions with perpetrators of domestic abuse who are subject to conditional cautions. CARA is evidenced based, and has been evaluated by Cambridge University. The sessions are carefully constructed to enable participants to identify as being abusive and to explore what constitutes healthy, positive relationships. A pair of workshops provide participants with strategies and skills to build respectful relationships. This includes focusing on different aspects of violence and control, and on skills for better relationships and parenting.

Who is it for?

Eligibility is for standard risk first time offenders, issued with a Conditional Caution by West Yorkshire Police (WYP). All referrals/bookings will be made directly by WYP when issuing the Conditional Caution.

The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Guidance for use of conditional cautions for domestic abuse states police forces must have a robust approach to assessing risk and should only use conditional cautions for cases where a DASH or other risk assessment tool shows that the risk to the safety of the victim and/or family is not higher than the “standard” classification. West Yorkshire Police will use these guidelines when issuing a conditional caution for CARA..


How does it work?

CARA utilises a trauma informed approach and motivational interviewing techniques delivered across the pair of workshops. The aims and objectives of the workshops are to enable offenders:

  • To reflect on the offence including personal triggers.
  • To gain an understanding of different types of abuse within a family dynamic.
  • To recognise physical symptoms of anger and the feelings which lead to anger and then violence.
  • To recognise the damaging effects of behaviour on themselves and others.
  • To understand personal risk and protective factors.
  • To reflect on self-esteem and self-regulation designed to increase personal resilience.
  • To establish personal time out strategies and safe conflict.
  • To understand communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • To identify future strategies for sustaining change.
  • To provide signposts to other relevant agencies/organisations


Where do I get more information?

Visit the CARA page on the Restorative Solutions website to find out more.

You can also download the CARA briefing note for West Yorkshire (PDF 116KB)

For further enquiries please contact contact CARA Service Manager Sophie Turner at



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