West Yorkshire’s Victims and Witnesses Strategy

Supporting People Harmed By Crime: West Yorkshire’s Victims and Witnesses Strategy 2019 - 2021

Supporting victims and witnesses is one of the key outcomes in the Police and Crime Plan. We want them to be treated appropriately and communities harmed by crime who need to be empowered - to help cope and recover, and get their voices heard. We want to see a much higher profile for the support services which already exist, more resources to meet increasing demand and the development of new services to fill identified gaps, all commissioned through the Mayor’s office.

The Strategy has seven key priorities that have been selected following consultation with key forums, the Local Criminal Justice Board, the Partnership Executive Group, and Community Safety Partnerships. In addition, engagement with people affected by crime was held. The views expressed have subsequently been key to the development of the priorities in the strategy.

The strategic priorities are:

  1. Raise awareness of the approach to supporting ALL victims and witnesses, putting people and communities at the heart of policy, practice, and service development
  2. Get the initial response to victims and witnesses right first time every time
  3. Work hard to give people the support they need to cope and recover, tailored to their individual needs, whether or not they pursue action through the criminal justice system
  4. Increase the confidence people have in the criminal justice system and empower them to take up the different options available to them through it
  5. Address the additional vulnerabilities and complex needs that compound the barriers to coping and recovering and often result in repeat occurrences
  6. Identify and take action to fill gaps in services and achieve greater consistency in West Yorkshire
  7. In all the above priorities work to ensure that the needs of children and young people are given appropriate attention


Download the Victims and Witnesses Strategy (PDF 3.79MB)

Download the Victims and Witnesses Strategy at a Glance leaflet (PDF 1.33MB)