West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Partnership - Our Work

West Yorkshire Reducing Violent Crime and Covid19 Response Network

This is a newly formed partnership established by West Yorkshire healthcare system and improving population health programme and the VRP to respond to the changes in violence in relation to Covid19 and social distancing measures.

The Covid19 response network met for the first time at the end of April and are having monthly meetings. Membership of the network is increasing month by month.

The aim of the network is to look at the changing nature of violence as a result of Covid19 and the lockdown restrictions; as well as the impact on health inequalities and are these changing as a result of the pandemic.

The main priorities of the network are:

  • To ensure people in West Yorkshire have access to services and support to enable them to remain safe during and after the pandemic;
  • Provide a system-wide approach to the immediate changes in violent crime and long term impact and recovery;
  • Work with partners to develop and improve the population health response.

Workforce Development programme:

The work programme for the VRP is shaped through our developing understanding of the West Yorkshire context and evidence base of serious violence, and current and emerging national and international learning and evidence.

Our first comprehensive Violent Crime Needs Assessment which was submitted to the Home Office in March 2020, has provided the evidence base and direction of our overarching priorities and commitments for 2020/21. This incorporates data analysis from across organisations, consultation with communities and a review of evidence-based practice for tackling violent crime and its causes. We recognise, however, that there are some gaps in our understanding and as we build on our intelligence, data and knowledge, we will develop and refine our response to our four priorities.

These core priorities are:

  • Empowering Communities and Building Resilience
  • Infrastructure & Partnership Development
  • Identity and Support those at risk
  • Links with Enforcement

Working with our Communities

Communities and local community organisations identifying and building on their assets are at the heart of our response to serious violence in West Yorkshire. A full understanding of the issues and developing effective responses can only be achieved by involving members of the communities and young people experiencing some of the day-to-day challenges we hope to address.

To ensure we are reflecting local challenges within our strategy, we will work closely with our local authority partners, ensuring that we align effectively with their community-based strategies and plans.