The Violence Reduction Partnership has developed resources to help in the ongoing work to tackle serious violence.

You can receive support for your organisation from the available toolkits below.

EdShift VAWG Toolkit

Programme which serves to engage new allies towards contributing to the work to tackle violence against women and girls.

Download VAWG Teaching Toolkit

Download Positive Bystander Toolkit

Night-Time Economy (NTE) Toolkit

Programme and checklist documents to support the safety processes in night-time economy for events spaces. 

Download NTE analysis

Download NTE infographic

Download NTE summary

Download NTE toolkit

Youth Endowment Knife Crime Education Toolkit

Programmes that aim to prevent knife crime by educating children about the risks and harms caused by carrying a knife.


Youth Endowment Fund Prison Awareness Toolkit

Programmes which deter children and young people from crime by demonstrating the realities of life in prison.