Brownfield Housing Fund

The Brownfield Housing Fund is designed to create more homes by bringing more brownfield land into development.

Programme overview

Lead: West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Area(s) Covered: Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, Wakefield

Funding: £89 million from Department for levelling up, Housing & Communities

Aims of this programme are to:

  • Commencing the construction of 5,400 homes by March 2025
  • Improved housing delivery on brownfield sites
  • Regeneration of neighbourhoods through reducing blight caused by vacant sites.
  • Carbon savings through:
    • Installed low carbon technologies
    • Close to transport hubs
    • Increase the use of Modern Methods of Construction
  • Boosting productivity supporting local supply chains
  • Achieve a mixture of housing types and tenure types including affordable

Projects within this programme

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Citu, Leeds

Project overview

The houses use the passive house approach - a super insulated, timber frame construction - to ensure efficient temperature regulation.

Building fabrics and materials are selected with regard to thermal performance and environmental impact to achieve a rich design with exceptional energy efficiency standard.

Digitally enabled homes allow owners to control their property’s energy consumption from their phone. Energy use will be tangible through innovative digital technologies to promote an environmentally conscious way of living.

The key ingredients:

  • 142 Family Homes and Apartments (54 x 4 bed houses; 42 x 1 bed apartments; 45 x 2 bed apartments)
  • Provision of 13 Affordable Housing units
  • Low Carbon (in construction and in use)
  • Minimal heating requirements
  • Built to Passivehaus standard approach
  • Utilisation of derelict Brownfield land
  • Owned by the community that live there
  • High quality public spaces
  • Design led spacious homes
  • 95% have south facing views of river
  • A new bridge has opened the site to the public and created an important link to city
  • Improvements on connection to Richmond Hill community
  • Homes controlled from your phone to save you money and energy
  • MUSCo (Multi Utility Service Company) owned by the residents with smart metering, community owned data infrastructure and bulk buying of renewable energy


Project Lead/Organisation Climate Innovation District Phase 1B Ltd
District/ Area Leeds, West Yorkshire
Funding £1,024,988
Project Status Activity 4: Full Business Case
Start and end dates December 2021 – February 2024
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Last updated in Quarter 1 2022/2023

Former Pontefract Fire Station Redevelopment

Project overview

The former Fire Station redevelopment, at the junction of Stuart Street and Newport Street in Pontefract Town Centre, is now completed. It regenerated a brownfield site to create a new landmark building, providing 100% affordable housing. The 3-storey building comprises 37 apartments, 26 car parking spaces and associated landscaping. The scheme incorporates electric vehicle charging points, along with bicycle stores to promote the use of sustainable transport. The site is located within Pontefract Town Centre and is within short walking distance of Pontefract bus station.


Project Lead/Organisation West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Economic Implementation
District/ Area Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Business Case Summary Committee Paper – February 2022
Funding £419,124
Project Status Activity 6 - Project Closure
Start and end dates March 2022 – March 2023
Delivery Partners Wakefield and District Housing (WDH)
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Last updated Quarter 3 2022/23

Jackson Quarry, Knottingley, Wakefield

Project overview

The site has to be remediated as there is a large quantity of glass that was tipped in the quarry along with an extensive cut and fill exercise. There is also a large ecology area to be constructed with 4 ponds for great crested newts and to enhance the ecology generally.

To provide an ecology area on the site with a walkway for the development and the surrounding area to use. Whilst the residents on the new development will directly benefit from the habitat area itself, the habitat area can be accessed by anyone in the general public and local community as a walkway through the site from Womersley Road through to Middle Lane or to sit and enjoy the area.

To provide 20% carbon reduction across the site using fabric enhancements to the properties and using/promoting renewable/green technology.

There are many wider benefits for the site if the proposed 175 plot development is completed:

  • The regeneration of the site will see a former quarry which has been left overgrown and unsightly will now be developed to provide housing, which in turn will ensure the materials from the quarry are now remediated and the site is left as non-hazardous and the security the development will offer to the local community by way of natural surveillance will increase. The area itself will no longer be an area for fly tipping and general anti-social behaviour.
  • The site will offer an economic boost to the area as the increased housing will offer increased funding revenue into the WMDC to spend on the local area through increased Council Tax income as well as the local community can attract skilled workers to the local area with improved housing available.
  • The local area will benefit from new and improved housing which the area desperately needs where the homeowners will benefit from reduced heating costs as well as creating a more desirable place to live. Our market research from other developments we have completed or are building at the moment that are close to this site have shown a great number of the sales are from people upgrading from properties in the Knottingley area or very close to the new housing developments.


Project Lead/Organisation Jackson Quarry
District/ Area Wakefield


Project Status Decision Point 4: Full Business Case
Start and end dates January 2023 – April 2025
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Last updated in Quarter 3 2022/2023

Points Cross Leeds Hunslet Road, Leeds

Project overview

Points Cross development will provide photovoltaic panels which will generate enough energy to supply the first phase of the development with renewable energy in its entirety. The PVs will initially generate an oversupply of renewable energy, which will be sold back to the National Grid until future phases of development are delivered. There is the potential for wider catalysed phases to connect into a wider DHN.

The proposed building design will accommodate carbon savings directly through the design and construction process.

The scheme will have a SUDs system to reduce surface water run-off and will comprise low water use characteristics to less than 110 litres per person per day (circa 50% less than a typical consumption rate).

This will include EV charging plugs and drop off points for car sharing/dedicated spaces for a car club and will also be fully integrated with a new bus stop and dedicated bus lane to promote sustainable travel.

The first phase of the scheme will deliver 311 apartments which are to be 100% affordable.


Project Lead/Organisation Guinness Partnership Ltd
District/ Area Leeds, West Yorkshire

Brownfield Housing Fund - £2,755,000

Project Status Activity 5: Full Business Case with Finalised Costs
Start and end dates March 2021 – April 2023
Delivery partners Guinness Partnership Ltd
Other funders

Homes England Social Housing Grant Fund

Homes England Recycled Capital Grant Fund

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Last updated in Quarter 4 2021/2022

Regent Street, Leeds

Project overview

The scheme proposes to develop 185 new apartments including 37 affordable homes within an 11-storey building with cycle spaces, including 3 x electric charging points which can be accessed via 6 car parking spaces. Green Living Walls.

To reduce the carbon footprint by 70% below the current building regulations and provide renewable energy through the provision of photovoltaic panels, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and connection to the Leeds Pipes District Heating Network infrastructure.

All the apartments will be retained by The British Strategic Investment Fund and are being built for rent by the one Institutional owner.


Project Lead RISE Propco 6 Ltd
District/ Area Leeds
Funding £1,850,000
Project Status Decision point 4 (full business case)
Start and end dates April 2022 - April 2024
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Last updated Quarter 4 2021/2022

Manchester Road, Bradford

Project overview

The Manchester Road scheme consists of two brownfield sites at Croscombe Walk and Elsdon Grove in Bradford City Centre. The development proposal includes a mixed tenure residential development of 108 high quality, affordable homes comprising of including 54 affordable rent units, 31 for shared ownership units and 23 rent to buy units. The development is close to the train station, the market, and all city centre amenities. With decent space standards and improved fabric insulation, the homes will be energy efficient resulting lower energy bills by 2025.


Project Lead West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Economic Implementation
District/ Area Bradford
Business Case Summary Committee Paper – March 2022
Funding £1,198,000
Project Status Activity 5 - Delivery
Start and end dates March 2022 - June 2024
Delivery Partners Incommunities Ltd
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Last updated in Quarter 4 2023/2024

Crosley Wood, Bradford

Project overview

The Crosley Wood scheme will develop 93 new homes in the Bingley area of Bradford. The homes will be a combination of 50% affordable rent, 25% shared ownership and 25% market sales and comprise of 81 new low-rise homes and 12 apartments.  The development will consist of improved fabric insulation and the use of photovoltaic panels, which will result in energy efficient homes and lower energy bills. 12 cycle spaces will be provided, along with electric vehicle charging points on all car parking spaces. The scheme will also benefit from a Residential Travel Plan Fund which will promote sustainable travel.


Project Lead West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Economic Implementation
District/ Area Bradford
Business Case Summary Committee Paper – March 2022
Funding £1,031,915
Project Status Activity 5 - Delivery
Start and end dates April 2023 – January 2025
Delivery Partners Incommunities Ltd
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Last updated in Quarter 4 2023/2024

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Calderdale & Kirklees


Bradford & Wakefield


Frequently asked questions

What is the Brownfield Housing Fund?

The Brownfield Housing Fund is an £67 million pound fund from the Department for levelling up, Housing & Communities.

In July 2020, West Yorkshire Combined Authority secured £67 million funding from the government’s Brownfield Housing Fund. The programme will help to build a minimum of 4,500 new homes across West Yorkshire on Brownfield Land over the next four years, delivering much-needed housing and boosting the region’s economy.

Following the Levelling Up White Paper announcement in February 2022, an additional allocation of £22m has been offered to our Brownfield Housing Fund programme to deliver more homes in the region.

What is Brownfield Land?

A brownfield site is an area that has been used before and tends to be disused or derelict land.

Issues with brownfield land include knocking down existing buildings and there may be expensive clean- up costs for land decontamination owing to its prior use. In addition, access to brownfield sites can often be restricted as they tend to be surrounded by other buildings that are still in use.

Redevelopment of brownfield sites is at the core of the UK Sustainable Development Strategy 2020 as it not only cleans up environmental health hazards and eyesores, but it encourages community regeneration. Often these sites are a core issue for the community around them.

Why are we doing this?

The fund is primarily aimed at supporting the development of housing schemes on Brownfield Sites and much need homes across the region and protecting valuable green space.

How is it being delivered?

West Yorkshire Combined Authority are working in partnership with the private sector, Housing associations and our local authority partners to identify schemes that require public sector intervention to enable delivery.

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