Flood alleviation

West Yorkshire Combined Authority is investing £20 million from the Leeds City Region Growth Deal to improve flood protection for thousands of homes and businesses.

Since the Boxing Day floods of 2015, the Combined Authority has invested £20 million from the Leeds City Region Growth Deal, alongside over £170 million of partner match funding, into schemes across the Leeds City Region to safeguard up to 1,385 businesses and at least 11,100 jobs from the risk of flood. 

The Combined Authority is also investing £2.6 million in the Wyke Beck Flood Alleviation Scheme in East Leeds, £3.9 million in phase two of the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme and £1.7 million in natural flood management schemes in the Colne, Calder and Upper Aire catchment areas.

In February 2020, £1.9 million was approved by Combined Authority’s Investment Committee to help start a £27.2 million scheme in Hebden Bridge being led by the Environment Agency which will reduce the risk of flooding from a 20% risk to a 2% risk in any given year.

  1. Hebden Bridge Flood Alleviation

    Hebden Bridge is a picturesque market town in an area of natural beauty, coupled with an industrial legacy of water powered weaving mills, which now have a negative impact on the local economy due to high flood risk.

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  2. Natural Flood Management - River Calder, Colne and Upper Aire

    Our £1.7 million Leeds City Region Growth Deal investment into the Growing Resilience Natural Flood Management programme will introduce a range of practical measures to mimic natural flood protection, slowing the flow of water before it reaches urban areas downstream.

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  3. Wyke Beck

    Our £2.6 million Leeds City Region Growth Deal investment into the Wyke Beck Valley flood alleviation scheme will part-fund works in Killingbeck Meadows, Arthur’s Rein and Halton Moor, in East Leeds. Our investment, which forms part of a £4.8 million investment, will fund the creation of new embankments and flood storage areas to help reduce the risk of flooding to 37 homes in the Dunhill Estate and facilitate housing development on over 19 hectares of land in east Leeds. The project is being led by Leeds City Council.

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  4. Mytholmroyd Flood Alleviation

    This project forms part of our £20 million programme to reduce the risk of flooding for homes and businesses across Leeds City Region. Alongside a minimum of £57 million of partner funding, this programme is expected to safeguard up to 1,385 businesses and 11,100 jobs.

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  5. Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme

    The project, which is part of our £20 million City Region-wide programme to bolster protection for homes and businesses, is split into two phases: Flood Alleviation Scheme 1 and Flood Alleviation Scheme 2.

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  6. Skipton flood alleviation

    We’ve invested £1.5 million of Leeds City Region Growth Deal funding into flood alleviation works in Skipton, designed to provide one in 100 year protection for up to 400 homes and 118 businesses, while also converting 11 hectares of flood plain into land suitable for commercial development.

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