Superfast West Yorkshire and York Broadband

The Superfast West Yorkshire and York Broadband programme is being delivered over the course of three contracts to ensure increased access to reliable broadband. This will provide ‘superfast’ speeds for thousands of homes and businesses across our region.

What is Superfast Broadband?

‘Superfast Broadband’ is something you may have been hearing a lot about in recent years but what does it really mean and why is it needed? The term ‘Superfast’ describes an internet connection with download speeds of over 30Mbps (Megabits per second) but depending on the connection type and supporting technology this could potentially go as high as 1Gbps. However, these speeds cannot be delivered without improving the network.

Why Are We Upgrading?

In recent years broadband has become an essential utility, therefore upgrading to Superfast brings the potential to utilise the internet for so much more in your home or business. With it being integral to almost everything we do today, better connectivity can affect all aspects of our work and social lives.

A number of locations were considered unviable for many of the major commercial roll-outs, so this programme was initiated in 2013 to cover areas that may otherwise miss out on the exciting new advances.

It is the government’s current target to achieve 85% Gigabit Broadband coverage by 2025.

Which Areas Are Covered?

The programme now covers the following administrative districts; Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, Wakefield and City of York. The Combined Authority is responsible for coordinating across all 6 regions to ensure an integrated and unified approach.

How is it being Funded?

Budget for Contracts 1 & 2 come from European Regional Development Funding, BDUK, the selected supplier (Openreach) and with some local body contribution.

The majority of Contract 3 is funded by DEFRA using money from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, with additional funding from the supplier (Quickline) and some local body contribution.

How Is It Being Delivered?

Working in partnership with the local bodies, suppliers and Building Digital UK, West Yorkshire Combined Authority is delivering superfast broadband to many areas across our region.

This is a major undertaking and under Contracts 1 and 2 has required replacing the old copper phone network with brand new fibre-optic cable and unleashing the potential for greatly increased speeds and reliability. It has also opened the door to innovative solutions for remote areas where more traditional networks have struggled to reach until now. This includes a new fixed wireless solution which is being delivered as part of Contract 3.

Why Upgrade To Superfast?


For your home

The advantages of upgrading to Superfast broadband are abundant. Web pages should load quicker of course, but the real advantages come when you consider the wider applications. Nowadays households generally need to connect many items to the internet at once so the increased bandwidth helps to make sure this demand is met. At home you may have computers, TVs, games consoles, tablets, smart speakers, thermostats or even a smart fridge, all utilising your connection simultaneously. Plus online streaming and download services are in higher demand than ever but work best when broadband speeds are at their optimum.


For your Business

For businesses speed becomes more important as they tend to have even higher data needs. People are becoming increasingly reliant on ‘cloud’ storage in place of traditional hard drives. In these cases a fast internet speed is imperative to make sure employees can access the files they need without long download times or frustrating disconnections. It can also improve connectivity to customers and suppliers while allowing better flexibility away from the office. This includes working from home which is becoming much more prevalent in our region and nationwide.

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