Harrogate Road New Line

Both Harrogate Road and New Line are significant routes within Bradford's transport network, linking Bradford with the airport and Leeds.

Harrogate Road is a key commuter route between Bradford, Rawdon and Harrogate, as well as being the primary access between Bradford and Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA). New Line is a key route between Keighley, Shipley, Bingley and Leeds.

Extra right-turn lanes at junctions, a new P-Loop for left and right turns from Harrogate Road onto New Line, the introduction of double yellow lines and responsive traffic signals will help reduce congestion on the two routes.

Cycle lanes and wide inside lanes will enable cyclists to use the junction more safely and more comfortably and also anticipate future potential cycle routes to the railway station. Pedestrians will benefit from new islands, with controlled crossings, tactile pavement surfaces for visually impaired people, a new puffin crossing near Greengates Primary School on Harrogate Road an improved zebra crossing on New Line and new street lighting.

Bus stops will be relocated and upgraded with shelters providing real-time information and , where space permits, dedicated bus bays will be constructed, which will improve overall traffic to flow through the junction.

New trees and grass verges will increase green space around the junction and where trees need to be removed because of the scheme, new ones will be planted to replace them at other locations within the scheme and nearby.

Project Lead Bradford Council
District/ Area Bradford
Funding WYTF - £8.812m
City of Bradford Metropolitan Council match funding £3.016m
Private sector contributions £1.926m
Project Status Activity 6: Project Closure Report
Start and end dates July 20 to May 22
Delivery partners

Bradford Council and Howard Civil Engineering

Other funders None
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This page was last updated in September 2023.