City Square Plus

Closure of City Square to traffic from 2023 plus a series of small complementary schemes to be developed and implemented as a result of the closure of City Square in a combined package called City Square Plus.

A key component of this scheme is the closure of City Square to general traffic from January 2023 to allow the creation of a world class gateway for the city.  A series of smaller complementary schemes which are intended to support the closure of City Square, have been grouped with City Square into a single scheme known as City Square+, which includes East Parade bus gate, business district traffic management, Westgate merge signals at A58(M), Great Wilson St widening, Holbeck traffic management (Globe Road signalisation), a signage strategy and a trial closure (or access restrictions) for City Square and associated traffic management to assist buses, pedestrians and cyclists.

The aim of the scheme is to reduce traffic in City Square, enabling its transformation into a world class public space and gateway to Leeds. This includes closing the square to general traffic, reallocating road space and improving facilities for buses, pedestrians and cyclists, making the city centre a more pleasant place to live, spend time and travel through. Our proposals include changes to the square itself, as well as to Boar Lane, King Street, Wellington Street, Aire Street and Quebec Street.

Project Lead Leeds City Council
District/ Area Leeds 

West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund- £9.128 million

CRSTS- £2.896 million  

Project Status

Activity 5 - Delivery


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Start and end dates 2016- 2024

Delivery partners

West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Other Funders

S106 - £150,000

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