Transformational Project York Outer Ring Road

The Growth Deal approved West Yorkshire + Transport Fund Programme includes £12.5m allocated to the development of “transformational projects” for development work to influence government and other partners to justify future transformational investments such as rail electrification, airport access, rolling out of mass transit and preparing for HS2 and HS3.

Following an Investment Committee workshop on 8 March 2017, it was agreed that each individual Authority would bring forward their priority transformational scheme for development. 

The A1237 is a key strategic route for east-west journeys and more northern areas of the Leeds City Region.

The upgrade of the A1237 to dual two lane all purpose (D2AP) carriageway would build on the roundabout upgrades which have already or are due to be delivered before 2021 though the WY+TF.

City of York Council are progressing on a pre-feasibility study for dualling the A1237 Outer Ring Road as their priority scheme, in order to identify and evaluate options as part of pre-feasibility development and evidence gathering for a future major project to increase the capacity of the A1237 to dual carriageway standard. The development work will include transport and economic modelling to establish the benefits of the overall scheme (and individual sections of the scheme); develop a number of detailed, costed options that provide multiple routes for further project development and delivery; based on options identified, develop a (or a number of) phasing strategy(s) for delivery; assess future network resilience that proposals would deliver; and sufficient design and investigation work to estimate the cost.  

The current study is underway and a report will be produced by the end of 2018. This will consider whether all of the Outer Ring Road requires dualling and will determine the best value phasing in the short term to meet the long term aim of a better east-west strategic route.

Project Lead York Council
District/ Area York
Funding West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund- £0.295 million
Project Status Activity 6 - Closure and Review
Start and end dates

2017 - 2023

Delivery partners West Yorkshire Combined Authority
Other funders None
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