Wakefield City Centre Package Phase 1 Kirkgate

The Kirkgate Highways scheme is the first phase of the highway improvements identified for the “Wakefield City Centre Package” within the approved West Yorkshire Transport Fund scheme programme.

This scheme aims to improve connectivity within the Kirkgate area and to the rail station, attract new development to support economic growth and improve health and safety within the area.

The Chantry Road roundabout is to be improved and traffic signals are to be installed to help pedestrians and cyclists to cross safely.

By putting new infrastructure in place it is hoped this will support future development and investment in this part of the city.

Project Lead Wakefield Council
District/ Area Wakefield
Funding West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund- £5.5 million
Project Status Activity 7: Monitoring and Evaluation
Start and end dates Construction start May 2017 – Completion December 2019
Delivery partners None
Other funders None
Get in touch majorprojects@wakefield.gov.uk


This page was last updated in July 2023.