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We want to attract the best people to work at West Yorkshire Combined Authority. To help you succeed in your application, this is what you can expect from our selection process.

We want to attract the best people to work at West Yorkshire Combined Authority. To help you succeed in your application, this is what you can expect from our selection process. 

CV and cover letter

Regardless of the role you’re interviewing for, preparation is key. Use our website to find out as much as you can about what we do. Understand how your CV relates to the role you are interviewing for and think of examples you can talk about to demonstrate your skills and experiences. 

All applications are made online, unless stated otherwise. Your CV should include your education and qualifications, work history, experience and relevant skills. When you upload your CV., please make sure it is anonymised – that is, you remove all personal data including your name, address and date of birth. Your personal information will be completed separately in the application process and will only be made known to the hiring manager if you are selected for interview. 

Your cover letter is your chance to tell us why you're interested in working for us and why you’re suitable for the role. It should summarise your career and skills, and how your experience relates to the role you’re applying for. 

Preparing for your interview 

We’re keen that both you and your interviewers get the best out of the interview and have a positive experience.  

Depending on the type of role, you may be asked to prepare a presentation, assessment, or simulation exercise as part of the interview. If this is the case, your ‘invite to interview’ letter will normally state this. 

Before your interview, you should review the Role Profile and think about which of your experiences matches our job requirements. Be ready to discuss these in your interview. 

We use a competency-based recruitment and selection process, splitting the interview into 3 parts that focus on different elements of the job, being a combination of: 

Technical questions aimed at uncovering what specific technical abilities or experience you possess that are necessary to do the job.   

Behavioural questions about how past experiences match the requirements of the job. They will want to briefly explain the situation or task, what you did or what was your role, and the result or outcomeOur questions may start ‘Tell me about a time when you…’, or ‘Give me an example of when you have…’ etc. 

Job Match questions to assess your suitability for the job overall. The examples you give can be related to your current job, previous positionsor even from outside work. The interview panel will likely ask you some follow-on questions, possibly to clarify a particular area. 

Finally, prepare some questions of your own to ask the interviewers as this is your opportunity to understand the role and culture at WYCA. 

For more information about the application process, please make sure you read our online application guidance

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