Latest statement on Bradford Interchange bus station

West Yorkshire Combined Authority's latest statement on Bradford Interchange bus station.

24 January 2024

Simon Warburton, Executive Director for Transport, said:

“Contractors are continuing their assessment of the damage at Bradford Interchange bus station after some concrete fell into the basement of the bus station.

“Extreme weather over the last few months is believed to have exacerbated ongoing issues with water infiltrating the building and creating damage.

“Public safety remains our top priority and we will not open the bus station until it is safe to do so.

“It would be irresponsible to speculate further until we have the full results of the surveys that are underway onsite. We will provide more information when we can, and will continue to assess with our partners at Bradford Council what work will be needed before safely reopening the bus station.

“An update will be provided to members of the Transport Committee next week.”

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