West Yorkshire Mayor Tracy Brabin's statement in response to the Spring Budget

Mayor Tracy Brabin has issued a statement in response to the Spring Budget

06 March 2024

West Yorkshire Mayor Tracy Brabin issued the following statement in response to the Spring Budget:

"After fourteen years of economic mismanagement and austerity, today was the government’s chance to put forward a serious plan to save the nation's finances, rescue our public services and protect the most vulnerable in our society.

"Instead, we got more tinkering around the edges, with tweaks to child benefit that will do nothing to address child poverty, a small increase in NHS funding that won’t touch the sides, nothing for renters and families living in unaffordable homes, and only a short-term extension of support for our poorest households.

“Whilst we welcome steps towards deeper devolution in England, our hopes for a brighter future are undermined if our councils and public services are left to collapse."

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