The Police Budget

In relation to the Police Budget, the Mayor will publish:

  • The total budget.
  • Information on each anticipated source of revenue, other than the precept.
  • Information as to the proposed expenditure.
  • Her response to the Police and Crime Panel's report about the proposed precept.

The budgets before 10th May 2021 were set by the Police and Crime Commissioner. Responsibility for exercising the functions of the Police and Crime Commissioner in West Yorkshire transferred to the West Yorkshire Mayor on 10th May 2021. 


The Police Budget 2022/23

All the information outlined above is included in the Commissioner's budget report for 2021/22. The report is below and has been split into relevant sections.

Record of Decision - Calculation of the Council Tax and Issue of the Precept for 2022/23 (PDF 65KB)

Precept and Budget 2022/23 (PDF 356KB)

Appendix A - Precept Survey Results (PDF 267KB)

Appendix B - Reserves Position (PDF 97KB)

Appendix C - Medium Term Financial Forecast 2021/22 to 2024/25 (PDF 87KB)

Appendix D - Summary Movement Statement (PDF 30KB)

Appendix E - Relative Precepts 2022/23 (PDF 280KB)

Mayor's response to the Police and Crime Panel 

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