The Mayor of West Yorkshire will publish various financial information relating to policing and crime, including:

  • The Police Budget.
  • The precept issued by the Mayor.
  • Information about each anticipated source of revenue.
  • Proposed expenditure.
  • A copy of the Annual Investment Strategy.
  • Copies of every invitation to tender for a contract with expected value exceeding £10,000 to which they or the Chief Constable is a party.
  • Details of all items of expenditure over £500 for both themselves and the Chief Constable.
  • Details of each crime and disorder reduction grant awarded by the Mayor.

The Mayor of West Yorkshire took on the responsibilities for policing and crime from the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) on 10th May 2021. Due to this, the majority of information currently contained on the finance pages relates to the time of the PCC.


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