Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme (LPTIP)

Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme (LPTIP) is a multi-year project in partnership travel providers that aims to dramatically improve public transport across the region.

The Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme (LPTIP) comprises of 8 packages which cover:

  1. Programme management: resources for a dedicated team for the overall management and delivery of the programme
  2. Bus Priority Corridors: investment in a number of key corridors to improve bus service reliability and reduce bus journey times
  3. Bus Park and Ride: new park and ride facilities to be developed to the north and south of the City with further expansions at Elland Road
  4. City Centre: redesigning road layouts to reduce congestion and improve the pedestrian environment
  5. Rail: develop three new rail stations across the city at proposed sites of Leeds Bradford airport, Thorpe Park and White Rose, with accessibility improvements at Cross gates, Morley and Horsforth.
  6. Bus Delivery: support real-time improvements and review connectivity throughout the Leeds district
  7. Mass Transit: develop a long term mass transit approach
  8. Bus Delivery Board: a series of measures to improve the bus service offer


Project Lead: West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Leeds City Council

District/ Area: Leeds

Business case summary: N/A 

Funding: DfT and Combined Authority funds - £173.5 million

Project Status: Activity 3 - Outline Business Cases for the individual projects

Start and end dates: 2017-2021

Delivery partners: Leeds City Council, First West Yorkshire, West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Network Rail, Northern Rail

Other funders: Leeds City Council - £8.8 million

Get in touch: transportprojects@westyorks-ca.gov.uk

LPTIP Projects

  1. White Rose Rail Station

    This project aims to build a new rail station at White Rose Office Park to enable improved transport infrastructure and accessibility to employment and residential areas.

    Read more about White Rose Rail Station
  2. Rail Accessibility Programme

    A scheme that aims to deliver step free access from the station point of entry through to the station platform edge at Cross Gates and Horsforth rail stations.

    Read more about Rail Accessibility Programme
  3. New Pudsey Rail Station Car Park Expansion

    This scheme has been proposed by both the Combined Authority and Leeds City Council to support sustainable employment growth into a main urban centre. It will particularly benefit commuters, as well as supporting more travel into and between the urban centres by rail for other purposes.

    Read more about New Pudsey Rail Station Car Park Expansion
  4. Elland Road Park and Ride Expansion

    The Elland Road Park and Ride facility first opened in July 2014 with the provision of 425 parking spaces and a number of bus priority measures into Leeds city centre. Due to popular demand the site was then extended to provide a total of 800 spaces by December 2016.

    Read more about Elland Road Park and Ride Expansion

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